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"Men, it’s been a long war, it’s been a tough war. You have fought bravely, proudly for your country. You’re a special group. You’ve found in one another a bond that exists only in combat among brothers. You’ve shared foxholes and held each other in dire moments. You’ve seen death and suffered together. I’m proud to have served with each and every one of you. You all deserve long and happy lives in peace."

The Double, 2013 (dir. Richard Ayoade)

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Things to think about before you say, “Well, there’s no way to know if Woody Allen is guilty or not, so let’s just not act like Dylan’s letter ever happened”

  • "There was an unwritten rule in Mia Farrow’s house that Woody Allen was never supposed to be left alone with their seven-year-old adopted daughter, Dylan.
  • [Before the allegations even came out] “he had been discussing alleged “inappropriate” fatherly behavior toward Dylan in sessions with Dr. Susan Coates,”
  • "Dr. Coates, who just happened to be in Mia’s apartment to work with one of her other children, had only to witness a brief greeting between Woody and Dylan before she began a discussion with Mia that resulted in Woody’s agreeing to address the issue through counseling.”
  • Woody, wearing just underwear, would take Dylan to bed with him and entwine his body around hers; or that he would have her suck his thumb; or that often when Dylan went over to his apartment he would head straight for the bedroom with her so that they could get into bed and play.”
  • "One summer day in Connecticut, when Dylan was four and Woody was applying suntan lotion to her nude body, he alarmed Mia’s mother, actress Maureen O’Sullivan, and sister Tisa Farrow when he began rubbing his finger in the crack between her buttocks.
  • Woody’s own mother was heard to remark on his fawning behavior with Dylan when Woody and Mia would take the children over for visits. “She’s the Wicked Witch of the West, Dylan,” Woody, who seemed to have intense negative feelings for his mother, once said to the little girl. “Twist her nose off.”
  • While Woody was visiting in Connecticut, Dylan locked herself in the bathroom, refusing to come out for hours. Once, one of the baby-sitters had to use a coat hanger to pick the lock. Dylan often complained of stomachaches and headaches when Woody visited: she would have to lie down. When he left, the symptoms would disappear. At times Dylan became so withdrawn when her father was around that she would not speak normally, but would pretend to be an animal.
  • When Mia got home a short time later, Dylan and Woody were outside, and Dylan didn’t have any underpants on. (Allen later said that he had not been alone with Dylan. He refused to submit hair and fingerprint samples to the Connecticut state police or to cooperate unless he was assured that nothing he said would be used against him.) 
  • Dylan was on the sofa, wearing a dress, and Woody was kneeling on the floor holding her, with his face in her lap. The baby-sitter did not consider it “a fatherly pose,” but more like something you’d say “Oops, excuse me” to if both had been adults. She told police later that she was shocked. “It just seemed very intimate. He seemed very comfortable.”
  • Mia, who never sought to make the allegations public, also told Dr. Coates, who is one of three therapists Woody Allen has seen on a regular basis. Coates too told Mia that she would have to report Dylan’s account to the New York authorities, but that she would also tell Woody. Mia burst out crying, she was so afraid.
  • made the discovery of Allen’s affair with Soon-Yi when she found a stack of Polaroids taken by him of her daughter, her legs spread in full frontal nudity
  • Soon-Yi issued her own statement to Newsweek, asserting her independence, savaging Mia, and declaring, “I’m not a retarded little underage flower who was raped, molested and spoiled by some evil stepfather—not by a long shot. I’m a psychology major at college who fell for a man who happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Mia.” Soon-Yi declared in writing exactly what Woody had said, that Mia would have been just as upset if he had slept with “another actress or his secretary.”
  • “She’s a very typical L.D. kid, very socially inappropriate, very, very naïve,” says Seiger, who is deeply worried about Soon-Yi today. “She has trouble processing information, trouble understanding language on an inferential level. She’s very, very literal and flat in how she interprets what she sees and how she interprets things socially. She misinterprets situations.” Seiger doubts that Soon-Yi could have written the statement to the press. “The words were often exactly the same as Woody Allen’s, if you compare the two,” says Priscilla Gilman, 
  • Since the incident, Dylan has burst out, even in the middle of playing games, with statements like “I don’t want him to be my daddy.” “The thing that people have to understand in this case is that it is not Mia versus Woody; it’s just a plain simple fact that a seven-year-old child has told her mother something and that her mother has to choose to believe her,” says a member of the household. “If her mother doesn’t believe her, who is going to believe her?” Lynn Nesbit observes, “Mia says, ‘How can you turn your back on a seven-year-old?’ Believe me, her life would be a heck of a lot easier if she dropped it.”
  • "The Yale team used psychologists on Allen’s payroll to make mental health conclusions.” He reported that the team had destroyed all of its notes, and that Leventhal did not interview Dylan, although she was called in nine times for questioning. They did not interview anyone who would corroborate her molestation claims. Judge Elliott Wilk, who presided over the custody hearing brought by Allen, wrote in his decision that he had “reservations about the reliability of the report.”


No, I will not make this into a read more.* (*Though, upon rethinking this, you guys absolutely feel more than welcome to if you want to be cautious about triggering followers without tumblr savior.) You need to read this. I don’t care if you think it has nothing to do with you. I don’t care if you’re a woman or not and I don’t care if you’ve seen a Woody Allen movie or not. Hold the people excusing a child molester responsible. Hold the people who stand idly by in every child molestation case responsible. Otherwise, you’re only perpetuating the mindset.

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"As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster…

To me being a gangster was better than being president of the United States. Even before I first wandered into the cab stand for an after-school job, I knew I wanted to be a part of them. It was there that I knew that I belonged. To me, it meant being somebody in a neighborhood that was full of nobodies.  They weren’t like anybody else, they did whatever they wanted.”

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Parks & Rec 5x20 // 6x19 

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“What wouldn’t I give for a playboy who couldn’t keep it in his pants and who runs through women; but what I have is a son who shows no interest in them. Oh, you thought I didn’t know? I’ve been keeping pictures of our family out of the free press for years… what you do at night with your boys after your show of skirt-chasing is a disgrace. If you were my second son, I wouldn’t care, but for a king it’s not possible… We give up what we want when we want power; believe me. Now, you want to show me you have the heart to be king, show me you can control it. Wrestle it to the ground. Numb it with ice. But you cannot be what God made you, not if you mean to take my place… Celebrate, Jack, it’s what you’re good at.”

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