“My female boss is mean to me at work” is not the same thing as centuries of institutionalized, systemic discrimination. If “beautiful women can get whatever they want,” then why haven’t we elected one president yet? “Sexism against both genders is wrong” betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of what sexism is. Any individual of any gender can be prejudiced or discriminate on a face-to-face level, but only one gender faces the glass ceiling, the ongoing, legalized regulation of their bodies, the significant wage gap for doing the same type of work, the deeply-engrained and consistently reinforced stereotypes about their being less aggressive, less capable and less intelligent, and countless other obstacles.

"John Lennon and Paul McCartney pose on the streets of Liverpool before fame and mop top hairstyles take hold."

You can do better.

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Most people think I’m a girl. A 70s teenage girl. I don’t mind it. Went into this Italian restaurant with a couple of women and the waiter said [clapping his hands]: ‘Ah, three beauties.’ I look about 15, don’t I?

— Alex Turner

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guess who is the calm one in the relationship.